BA Breakdown & Recovery Service

Our car recovery trucks are strategically positioned to get you quick. We have also positioned our trucks to give them quick access to all major Motorways and A Roads throughout the East Midlands. M1 Junction 24, 25 and 26, A52, A60, A46, A50. With our large fleet of recovery vehicles we can guarantee to be with you within 1 hour.

In an emergency our experienced recovery truck driver will be with you in less than 1 hour. Below is a map of our Rapid Response Coverage Area.



A Reputation Built on Trust.

When it comes to reliable car transportation, we have the equipment and staff to provide you with the kind of auto transport services that you need. Whether you need to have a vehicle taken to a location hundreds of miles away or need vehicle delivery for just a few blocks we can provide exactly what you need.

BA Breakdown & Recovery Service provide the public with much more than just car transportation services. If you need to have a motorcycle taken to another location or even if you have a small van or truck, we can handle all kinds of different vehicle delivery requirements. We have the right equipment to handle any kind of delivery service that you need. We can also handle a number of vehicles at once once.